Let your freak flag fly: Bid on a chance to see your favorite oldie choreographed by Frequent Flyers

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Come April, Boulder's renowned Frequent Flyers Productions aerial dance troupe will stage The Fabulous Freaky Flyers and their Flying Machines, an up-in-the-air homage to the '60s, at the Lakewood Cultural Center. But while you're waiting, rabid baby boomers and retro-fanatics, the company is offering die-hards an opportunity to bid for the chance to see their favorite song of the era choreographed as part of that spring performance. Bidding on eBay starts at $500, and, um, the sky's the limit.

So what's it going to be? "Baby Love?" "You Really got Me?" "Respect?" "Day Tripper?" "Are You Experienced?" Dig deep into your memories -- and your pockets; the winner will also receive four VIP tickets to the program and a pre-show acknowledgment. Bidding ends at 5 p.m. January 17.

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