How to make an Oscar-winning film: a flow chart

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The Oscar Nominations are out for this year and, as in all years that have preceded it, this one offers no surprises. It's a relatively unknown fact, but there is a very specific formula for making an Oscar nominated film -- so specific, in fact, we've made a flow chart that plots in out in detail. There are exceptions to the rules of course, but they're few and far between, unless your last name happens to be Coen, and you have a brother, in which case you can do whatever you want.

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This is so wrong. The flow chart is so hard to follow, illogical and does not make any point.

Remi Online
Remi Online

wow man this flow chart is hard to follow .. you kinda screw things up there.


Worst flowchart ever. The shapes are random, its impossible to follow by simpke yes and no answers and it seem quite open ended. Whoever created it simply havent gotten the ide of flowcharts.


Please learn that shapes in a flow chart have meaning: Circles are Start and Finish, Diamonds are choices, rectangles are actions. Using standard conventions would make this easier to understand.


This is great. You should enter this into the flowchart contest at They are giving away free laptops for the 100 most creative flowcharts!

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