Coming Soon: The Thin Man pays homage to Jim Jarmusch with an eight-week series

When Stranger Than Paradise hit the big screen, in 1984, indie director Jim Jarmusch was right in the thick of a trend: the American movie, made over in a drifting, plotless European sensibility that aped the way life usually continues to unfold, without a real storyline, sometimes in parallel worlds. It was fresh, dystopian, shallow and deep, and it marked the beginning of a run of Jarmusch films that's still in motion, featuring musician-actors and cult figures in many a frame.

In the spirit of its last series, an homage to the films of Pedro Almodóvar, the Thin Man will unreel eight delicious Jarmusch films on consecutive Wednesday nights in the Ubisububi Room, beginning tomorrow (January 5) at 7:30 p.m. with Stranger Than Paradise. Admission is free, along with the après-screening conversation. The Thin Man is at 2015 East 17th Avenue. Following is a taste of each selection:

Stranger than Paradise follows disillusioned youth on a road trip:

Down by Law, with Tom Waits, John Lurie and Roberto Benigni as convicts on the lam:

Mystery Train: A three-way tale set in Memphis:


Night on Earth: five cab rides in five world cities as the world turns:

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tim davids
tim davids

Love me some Jarmusch and I've been explaining to my friends the joys of Ghost Dog without them "getting" it so maybe I'll try and drag them along. FYI, Forest Whitaker has both arms in that movie.

Susan Froyd
Susan Froyd

OMG, you are so right about that. My duh. That was Smoke. Thanks for the heads up.

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