Smash Putt is ball-wrecking, hard drinking, cannon-shooting insanity

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Pneumatic golf ball launcher.
Mini-golf courses, good ones anyway, always have personality. You expect tunnels and ceramic animal obstacles, general minor fighting back from the holes. So in some ways, Smash Putt: The Return of the Miniature Golf Apocalypse, now two weeks into its six-week run, is like other courses you've played. Sort of like how your vacuum cleaner is fundamentally like Voltron.

Here's what we're dealing with: Smash Putt is the brainchild of Pacific Northwest art/mischief collective the Department of Culture. They've done it a couple times in Seattle and Portland, and this year they brought the show to Denver. It's thirteen holes, some more recognizable as such than others, all crammed into a warehouse art space in the River North art district.

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Again, this is basically a game of putt-putt. You pay an entrance fee (do it ahead of time on the web site for a discount) and you collect a putter and a ball. Two early signs you're in for more than a creaky windmill on some AstroTurf: You are asked to sign a liability waiver at the door, and you collect your club from the bar. You are encouraged to play the holes in any order and cheat whenever possible.

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Takes the normally tame game of mini-golf and awesomeifies it. Don't make the mistake of missing out.


Totally worth it


Totally a blast! Went last Sat with friends. Super fun, crazy coarse and a great bar. Wish Denver had more stuff like this going on. yay, Smash putt!

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