Tig Notaro on Denver, Sarah Silverman and hanging on to the mike for dear life

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Tig Notaro has friends.
After getting her start in the inner workings of the entertainment biz as a music promoter (for a while in Denver), Tig Notaro got an itch to be on stage -- not as a musician, but as a comedian. In that respect, she's been more successful than many; she's done specials on Comedy Central Presents and been a regular character on the now-defunct but iconic Sarah Silverman Program, and more recently is gearing up to star in a comedy variety show called Tig Has Friends, with Silverman as executive producer. Currently, she's working on a comedy disc to be released sometime this year on the indie-pop label Secretly Canadian. In advance of her show next week at the hi-dive, we caught up with Notaro to talk about momentum, out-of-body experiences and fear.

Westword: Before you were a standup comedian, you were a music promoter. How did you get into that line of work?
Tig Notaro: Just a fan of music, and I had friends that had bands, and I'm a musician myself, but I wasn't -- I was too scared to actually perform. So, I don't know, music promotion stuff was just kind of a way to be around it and not have to actually perform. But that was just such a small blip in my life. It was helpful for my career when I got into standup, because I understood that you have to kind of be at a certain point before any business can kind of happen behind you.

WW: You said you have to be at a certain point -- what point do you mean?
TN: You have to have a career that has some momentum behind it before you can have any sort of representation really working for you. A lot of people, artists, want representation so they can forward their career, but you have to create and work on your career to get some momentum going so that the business can get behind you. So that was helpful for me to know from working in the music business, that I needed to focus on my career and work hard at writing and performing to move that along so I'd be valuable to the business.

WW: It's interesting that you were too afraid to perform musically but you're not too afraid to perform standup, which, I would imagine a lot of people would say would actually be more nerve-racking.
TN: Yeah, I mean, I can understand that. I think for me it was that I used to shake so much -- out of fear -- when I played guitar, if anyone watched me. Like, it was such a private thing that I would do alone at my house, and if anyone watched me play, I would get so nervous that I would shake and I wasn't able to play the guitar. So to perform live in front of an audience would just make that, uh, times a million. Whereas with standup, you can leave the mike in the mike stand and hold on for dear life, you know, and people won't necessarily see you shaking.

But I think also standup just came more naturally to me, that it wasn't so scary. I got pretty good at guitar and drums, but it wasn't... standup just felt so right from the second that I did it.

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Tig Notaro is a vicious freak and liar. She is a manipulative and diseased sociopath who belongs and soon will be in hell.


TIg Notaro is a sociopath who will be sued and exposed till the end of time.


Notaro is lying through her teeth as usual. She fails to mention that she faces years of litigation and loss for the damage she has done to some innocent bystander. Tig Notaro was dropped by her agent and now is represented by a loser named Hunter Seidman. Ask yourselves why she was the only one dropped from the runaways movie and why no agent will touch her. She is a very disturbed psychopath who targeted a much more talented and attractive individual and she will not get away with it.


Tig's representation dropped her when they learned what she had done to some innocent person. Tig Notaro is a vicious psychopath and a pathological liar. She was cut from the Runaways and she is being sued . Her life will never improve and she knows it. She is a very sick and evil creep and she enjoys destroying lives- a true blue sociopath.


I'll be there! Can't wait!!


Tig Notaro is a depraved liar and psycho. She targeted and harrassed a much more talented comedian out of jealousy and spite. Tig Notaro should long ago have been in jail. She is getting away with murder.

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