Tracy Morgan or Tracy Jordan? A quote quiz

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Tracy Morgan called Sarah Palin "good masturbation material" last night on national television during a TNT broadcast of an NBA game. Maybe not what the network would have preferred that he say, but a). he was sort of baited and b). this is Tracy Morgan, who is more-or-less completely indistinguishable from his 30 Rock character, Tracy Jordan. Don't believe us? There are ten quotes below. See if you can figure out which Tracy said them.

Now, at home with his family, we're going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's a regular dude. But in public, he can't turn it off -- he's constantly ridiculous. Some of these quotes came from Tracy Morgan interviews, and the rest came from 30 Rock Answers on the next page.

Tracy Jordan or Tracy Morgan?

1. "Lorne Michaels is like Obi-Wan Kenobi to me. Saturday Night Live was the Dagobah system. Oh, I look good. Look at me on that. I'm pretty. I'm handsome. Now I can see why I got so many kids."

2. "We go back like spinal cords and shark's teeth."

3. "That's a real problem in the celebrity community. But if Beyonce would just answer one of my letters, I'd stop trying to break into her house."

4. "How come there ain't no Puerto Ricans on Star Trek? I mean they have every race and life form from all over the galaxy but no Puerto Ricans. What's up with that?"

5. "I'm having an affair with her." (Points at person sitting next to him) "What's your name again? Don't worry about it, we'll figure it out later. I love you. I want you to have my daughter. Please have my daughter."

6. "Damn straight. I'm delightful."

7. "This is called waves, man. I'm making them sick out there. And this is 360. Hold onto your women, I can take a girl with my haircut."

8. "I just can't turn down community service. 'Cause if I do, that judge will make me join the Coast Guard."

9. "You can be a freaky-deeky and do data entry!"

10. "I'm scared to win one of them awards, because, you know, the Whitney Houston Syndrome. You win awards, then you just get in trouble."

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Tracy Morgan's character Hustle Man on "Martin" was hilarious but I did not watch him on SNL. (I returned to SNL when Sarah Palin insisted on giving a plethora of material for Tina Fey to work with.)I do not watch many sitcoms, but for me, "30 Rock" is a must see. Both Tracy Morgan and Tracy Jordan are indeed one in the same as I found the quiz rather difficult. (I only answered two correctly.)Changing just two letters in his last name allows Tracy Morgan is allowed to play himself on "30 Rock."

Mason Jefferson
Mason Jefferson

Google Obama Hard Rock Video.. Its the one with the american flag in the background

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