Over the Weekend: Untitled #33 (Pledge) at the Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum
I have to admit I wasn't quite in sync with Friday night's Untitled theme at the Denver Art Museum: Pledge. Pledge? It had something to do, they told me, with artists making creative pledges to accomplish certain things and how to keep museum installations well dusted; people, they said, could confess to broken resolutions and just decide to do better things as the rest of the year unfurls. O. Kay. So I went to the monthly event, which just returned for a new season, to see what Untitled was all about, and I think I now get it.

In the main lobby, visitors were invited to write down a personal pledge on a sticky note and have their pictures taken with the pledge at a ready-and-waiting computer station.

untitled 001.jpg

The photos were then projected on the wall/ceiling, where they could be viewed from a stairway and overlook.

untitled 030.jpg

We tagged along for DAM collections assistant Jen Dibbern's presentation on keeping artworks clean, with a focus on Sandy Skoglund's Fox Games installation.

untitled 005.jpg

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