10 things to do for $10 this weekend, February 18-20, 2011

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Money is stupid. It really just gets in the way of having a good time and causes more harm than good. Thankfully, provided you're into dance parties, art shows, reading or writing, this weekend has plenty of opportunities to enjoy life on the cheap. That is, provided you're willing to spend a Hamilton or so while you're out and about.

On Being a Woman at Wazee Union (Friday, $5-$7 donation)
If you're into the idea of a warehouse filled with art, including the performance variety, you're in luck, tonight because that's exactly what On Being a Woman is all about. Featuring tons of different artists and performers of the musical and the artistic type, the entire space is sure to be filled with so much creativity you'll probably feel a bit overwhelmed. Still, you'll surely have a good time, and considering it's all about getting donations for a good cause, we don't see why you shouldn't be there.

Zombie Pin Up Girl. Image via zombiesatemyblog.tumblr.com
My Bloody Violen-tine Film Fest at 3 Kings Tavern (Friday, $10)
Ten bucks won't just net you an evening of entertaining B-movie style local horror flicks tonight, it'll also get you into 3 Kings Tavern for viewing of grisly music videos and a zombie-vixens photo shoot. All of these things combined sound like pretty much the best thing ever, and it's difficult not to resist the urge to just walk over to 3 Kings right now and plop down at the bar to celebrate.

W. Dale Nelson at Tattered Cover Colfax (Friday, free)
W. Dale Nelson's biography of Alan Swallow offers the kind of glimmering hope that only a biography about a writer can. Swallow, who founded Swallow Press here in Colorado, was an active and important member of the Southwest's small publishing circle. It's great to see his importance noted by W. Dale Nelson in this book, and it'll be well worth catching him at the Tattered Cover tonight.

Active Minds for Life presents "California" at Starford at Flatirons (400 Summit Blvd, Broomfield, Friday, free)
You know what state is totally screwed right now? California. If it seceded from the U.S. it would probably be a third world country. Thankfully, people are trying to fix it, and if you're interested in joining in the discussion, learning more about the state's financial troubles or just hearing someone talk intelligently about anything, then you'll probably want to get your butt up to Broomfield this afternoon at 3 p.m. for the talk.

The Watching Hour: Robocop at Denver FilmCenter Colfax (Friday-Saturday, $9.75)
This weekend's Watching Hour is one of our favorite terrifically terrible sci-fi films, Robocop. We're not sure which version of the film they'll have, but even if it is the slightly borked non-directors cut, it's still an enjoyable piece of entertainment. If you somehow haven't seen it, the film takes place in a futuristic, crime-riddled Detroit where they've created a totally awesome cyborg to help clean up the city. What more could you possibly need to know?

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