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Charlie Sheen went on the radio and said some absurd things yesterday. Maybe you've heard. He really sailed off into crazy land this time, calling Thomas Jefferson a pussy and making some incoherent analogies involving him in his underwear strafing all his haters early in the morning. And frankly, the whole thing just makes us sad.

It doesn't make us sad because he thinks he so much better than everyone else or because he was almost certainly high on something or even because this whole thing resulted in the cancellation of Two And A Half Men for the rest of the season. Frankly, we're glad to see it go.

And actually, as we were going through the choice quotes from the interview, we thought this thing was incredible fodder for comedy of all sorts -- we are, after all, totally unsympathetic to the implosions of celebrities. Especially when they fall on swords of their own hubris. But listening to the actual interview is a different experience entirely. Sheen is just living on a different planet; the one thing he actually got right was that his view is different from ours. And there's something really parasitic about this whole thing. We don't actually think Sheen realized what he was doing, but maybe he did. Maybe he just wanted an escape from responsibility and recognized that he could do it this way. Either way, it feels like playing into his crazy, felonious hand to even bother snickering at this latest meltdown.

So, in an attempt to offset the bad taste in our mouth after listening to that interview for the past half-hour or so, we felt we had to go participate in something actually human. We decided on Pixar's Night & Day, which is up for an Academy Award this weekend. Trust us when we say you'll feel better after this than you will after listening to Charlie Sheen lose all his job prospects.

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Misty Jean Moore
Misty Jean Moore

Charlie doesn't deserve another chance, oh love him.


I hate to say this but I am. Mr. Sheen when will we find you face down dead in a hotel room in your own piss, vomit and shit? Because this is the taste you leave in our mouths just by existing right now with your ignorant attitude. The sooner you can do this the sooner we can forget you. You have the ability to be so much better than this, but you choose to be a douchebag. The world has too many of those now much less a rich douchebag, which makes you a even worst one. Please go ahead and pull the trigger please so my TV can be rid of your ignorance you dumbfuck. There is the door, Mr.Sheen you have worn out your welcome.


Sorry dude, but you're the ignorant dumbfuck here. It's pretty obvious he's going through some mental issues - have some compassion, maybe?


Of course he has mental issues with all the shit he keeps in his body. The man has received so many chances already that it is to the point of being ludicrous. And with stupid pricks like you T. that just keep making excuses for him is to the point of being laughable. Sheen has a lot offer to entertainment and his fans, but not this way. You can't keep saying stuff like he does to the people who pay him and he can't keep looking down his nose and snubbing the fans that love him. So T. you gonna keep sucking Sheen while he looks down at the top of your head and laughs at you or are you gonna pull him out your mouth and say no that is enough, cause that is what it mounts to with what you are saying.

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