Gettin' Crafty: creating chalkboards

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For all those who give pom-pom critters for birthdays, feel an urge to stick googly eyes on everything or just occasionally get a twitch to fold some origami, we bring you "Gettin' Crafty," where we feature a craft you can easily make with minimal supplies and limited finances. You may have had traumatizing experiences with chalkboards in the past -- think long division as the whole class watches over your shoulder (they're all going to laugh at you) -- but here's a chance to claim the chalkboard back. And fortunately, putting one in your home is easier than you may think.

supplies painting.jpg

  • Chalkboard paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Tape

  • Level

1. Tape off the wall or section of wall, or the cupboard or desk or whatever you plan on making into a chalkboard.

2. Mix up the paint really well. The paint separates more than most paint; stir like your life depended on it so that the paint will go on on as smooth as possible.

3. Using short "x" strokes, begin painting.

4. Repeat, you will need several coats to ensure the paint is even and the surface is entirely covered. I used three. Make sure the paint is thoroughly dry between coats. Something about the chemical make-up of the chalkboard paint requires extra time to dry.

5. Once it's dry, remove the tape.

6. In a few days, rub a light dusting of chalk dust on the painted surface as a sort of "primer". Doodle away!

No long division or verb conjugations on this board!

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