Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast's Tokyo Extreme Fashion Show: A Harajuku holiday

ggptfashion 099.jpg
Andrew Novick and Janene Hurst, the stark raving mad brains behind Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast have taken monster steps up the ladder with their Japan-centric concern: The couple, who go on buying trips in Japan, opened and closed their Belmar store, vend at NDK and other cosplay meccas, throw all manner of Japan-pop parties and most recently, opened a pop-up store upstairs at Mod Livin', which ended its magnificent run on Sunday. But not before they threw their most ambitious event yet: Saturday night's Tokyo Extreme Fashion Show. We were there, and it was a blast:

A pair of sweet cupcake-carrying Harajuku maids led the parade.
ggptfashion 016.jpg

ggptfashion 018.jpg

Next up, model Liz McGuire does decora.

ggptfashion 019.jpg

Check out her awesome shoes!

ggptfashion 020.jpg

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Dana Cain
Dana Cain

Fantastic! Love this stuff ... Thanks for posting. :)

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