Neighborhoods: Historic Downtown Louisville

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A piece of Louisville's past greets folks driving into downtown.

Zipping through the bulk of modern Louisville, with all its bedroom-community developments (it took first place in Money Magazine's Best Place to Live: Top 100 in 2009), you'd think that most of the Boulder County berg's Italian coal-mining heritage has all but disappeared. But once you find yourself in the heart of Louisville -- its historic old downtown neighborhood -- that perception is gone in a blink: Incorporated in 1882 along the great Northern Coalfield of Boulder and Weld counties, the original Louisville sports an old-time charm that lives on in the Victorian frame buildings still lining much of Main Street and its environs.

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Louisville's ode to the coal miner.
That's not to say it isn't modern. Downtown Louisville is lined with eateries of every stripe, along with eclectic shops and galleries, making it prime location for a Saturday stroll, any time of year. We were lucky enough to visit on one of those spectacular sunny days in the dead of winter, when skaters were catching a few last spins on the town's WinterSkate rink at Steinbaugh Pavilion, and downtown was hopping in its quiet way.

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Well hat to bust the newbies bubble from a natives standpoint, Louisville is not a good city.  The air is terrible the utilities and housing are ridiculous, the arts is deplorable.  The ones who make money in Louisville are the medical profession and big booze.  Why do you think there are so many hospitals in Louisville, that's right because the air is bad, and have you driven by rubber town lately, what do you think comes from those stacks.  


I love living in Louisville! The people are friendly, the schools are fine, and the fun is year round.


Thank you for such a great review of Historic Downtown Louisville and all of the wonderful things to do when you visit... we hope that the next time your in town you'll have the opertunity to visit in us at Bittersweet - Cafe and Confections.

Maryan Jaross
Maryan Jaross

Thank you for promoting some of the highlights of Louisville! Next, please talk to us about our thriving arts community!

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