Today in Stoke: Loveland's in the snow day spirit with super-discounted lift tix

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Photo courtesy Loveland Ski Area
Loveland's slashing ticket prices (and offering free hot chocolate) for anyone willing to brave the cold
Snow day! Denver Public Schools and others around the region are closed today "due to severe weather conditions and below-freezing temperatures," and Loveland Ski area has just the thing to keep all those rugrats from going stir crazy: They're slashing adult ticket prices from $59 to $30, and kids' tickets from $25 to $17.

Sure, the roads are ostensibly too bad to drive your kid to school, I-70 will be hell frozen over and you'll freeze your ass off on the slopes if you aren't careful, but this is a snow day we're talking about, after all.

"It's not going to be cold enough to keep me at home! I'm planning on skiing," says Loveland spokesman John Sellers. "We saw the forecast and heard people talking about some potential school closures, so we wanted to do something fun and give people a big break. It'll certainly be chilly, but throw some warm clothes on and get up here: This is what living in Colorado is all about!"

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