Photos: The Scorned Lovers Valentine's Day card workshop

scorned 15.jpg
Valentine's Day is a fantastic holiday -- if you're in a relationship, it's going well and/or you happen to love Hallmark and all the treacly, glitter-themed merchandise it produces this time of year. Those of us who are not included in this margin, on the other hand, generally regard the 14th with something between mild disenchantment and all-out rancor. Hate mail, then, becomes a lot more appealing than roses and the color pink.

In blissful recognition of bad feelings, Art Salon hosted a card-making class last night designed for the resentful and the embittered. (A second session will be held on Feb. 8 from 6 - 8 p.m.) Below are a few cheerful highlights from the hatred.

scorned 565.jpg

scorned 2.jpg

scorned 3.jpg

scorned 4.jpg

scorned 10.jpg

scorned 9.jpg

scorned 6.jpg

scorned 11.jpg

scorned 12.jpg

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Those are the best Valentine's celebratory items to *ever* come along!! Fuck you, Hallmark!

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