Today in Stoke: Sneak peek at SixEleven Productions' It's Our Fault 2011 snowboard flick

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SixEleven It's Our Fault.jpg
Denver-based snowboard film crew SixEleven Productions released the first teaser from the 2011 video It's Our Fault over the weekend, their fifth film and the follow-up to STOP... Hammertime!. The grisly slams you're looking for commence at about the 2:11 mark.

SixEleven: It's Our Fault Snowboard Teaser from SixEleven on Vimeo.

Locals will recognize a lot of the urban and mountain spots in this trailer, as well as many of the riders: Scott See, Ritchie Colasanti, Erik Van Assche, Steven Waters, Joe Mango, Celia Miller, Oliver Bacharach, Eric Beauchemin, Nick Bilawsky, Colin Spencer and Ryan Cruze are all featured in the video.

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