Today in Stoke: Two Wheels, Two Planks - Pedal Powered Skiing in Arctic Norway

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Husband-and-wife photography team Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson are doing things the hard way with their Wild People, Wild Places project: For their most recent adventure, featured on the cover of Wend Magazine's January 2011 issue, the duo toured Norway's Arctic Alps for a month using only skis and bicycles, partly to help put their own globetrotting lifestyle into perspective and partly to atone for all the jet fuel used for even this no-frills eco-trip.

Tonight they're bringing their slideshow from the trip, Two Wheels, Two Planks: Powered Skiing in Arctic Norway to Neptune Mountaineering (633 South Broadway Suite A, Boulder, CO) for a free show at 7 p.m. Pick up a $5 raffle ticket to benefit the Winter Wildlands Alliance and enter to win prizes from more than a dozen sponsors backing the Wild People, Wild Places project and slideshow tour.


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Thanks for this Colin.  What an incredible trip this was.  We skied our butts off, biked a bit, too, and enjoyed more freedom and easy access to the mountains than ever before. It was a ski trip first, and a bike trip second, so the biking element was merely for ease and freedom of transportation from one skiing base-camp to the next... It has taken our bike-powered adventures to a whole new level, and we continue to use our bikes more than ever close to home in Vermont for getting around our valley, running errands, fetching milk, etc...

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