Mighty Fudge Studios' "My First Boner" cartoon banned from YouTube

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Boulder-based cartoon company Mighty Fudge Studios revels in hijinks and notoriety, whether its producing spots for The Spike & Mike Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation or creating animated attacks on Jay Leno. No wonder the operation seems to be bursting in pride over the fact that their classic animated short "My First Boner" just got banned from YouTube.

"YouTube bans Boulder's Boner!" announced Mighty Fudge in a press release, one that read more like a pleased announcement than an angry call to arms. Created by the studio in 2003, "My First Boner" has become a favorite of gross-out cartoon aficionados, and true to form, Mighty Fudge founder was quick to use the opportunity to aim a few barbs at everybody's favorite online clearing house of penis-injury videos. "A website infamous for teen girls making out on web cams has enforced their morality on Mighty Fudge," he noted in the release. "Apparently stubbing your junk on a skateboard is more palatable than singing a song about it."

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Good thing YouTube is more sanctimonious than it is thorough. Turns out "My First Boner" is far from scrubbed from the Internet - or even YouTube, for that matter. Just check out the YouTube video below. It puts the meaning in "Get bent."

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