Photos: Steampunks galore at the AnomalyCon Grand Ball

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anomalycon photos 1.jpg
Set the steam-powered wayback machine to the future.
As a precursor to AnomalyCon, Denver's first big steampunk convention, we brought you on Thursday some easy tips for steampunking everything, including your toilet paper dispenser and your cat. From the looks of it, folks took that advice to heart at AnomalyCon's Grand Ball on Saturday evening at the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria Campus -- a setting that, with it's myriad pipes and valves (back in the actual Victorian era, it was a brewery), pretty much looks like something out of Jules Verne already. Photographer Kate Levy brings back these photos.

See the full slide-show!

anomalycon photos 4.jpg
See the full slide-show!

anomalycon photos 5.jpg

anomalycon photos 6.jpg

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