Comment of the day: "I think Charlie Sheen is a nice actor"

Like every other blog in existence, we've been getting endless mileage out of Charlie Sheen's recent series of bizarre rants, so when we found out he was looking for a social media intern and asking prospects to apply in 75 characters or less yesterday, Kyle Garratt couldn't help but throw his hat in the ring. But reader pcow came pretty close to one-upping us with an incoherent message in the comments section worthy of Sheen himself -- which, seemingly just for weirdness's sake, contains an inexplicable link to a a Rickroll featuring David Hasselhoff's version of "Hooked on a Feeling."

Actor Sheen last night create a program "Sheen's Corner", it was so interesting. His past program "Two and a Half Men" was also so interesting. I think he is a nice actor but recently he has some health problem

I wish he will come back soon with his own popularity.

Lolwut? Thanks, pcow, we wish you will leave more comments soon, because that was hilarious.

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Wow. If Charlie Sheen has a health problem, then I had a big, fat health problem from ages 21-24.


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