10 things to do for $10 this weekend, March 18-20, 2011

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Would Sly stay in bed all weekend because of a hangover? No way.
While you might still be nursing your hangover today, that doesn't mean you can't start setting your weekend plans. We understand you're probably in terrible shape, you might have a bit of a headache and you're probably battling a bout of depression where you're curled up the couch crying while watching episodes of My So Called Life on Netflix, but you need to get back out into the world and enjoy watching an arm-wrestling championship or finding some chakra rainbows if you hope to get any better.

Soundpainting at Artuvus Studios (Friday, free)
Soundpainting is a technique used by composers to create improvisation songs based on the gestures of the conductor. In this case, you're invited down to take part in the event yourself, provided you can play an instrument to a degree that doesn't cause people to run away in fear.

"Untitled #4" by Jim Olson.
Tim McKay and Jim Olson at SYNC Gallery (Friday, free)
Tim McKay is a trained psychologist who turned his ability to interpret Rorshach ink-blot tests into a means to create art. Conversely, Jim Olson creates three-dimensional work in a variety of different mediums. The two ended up with a show together, and what you'll find when you get there is an interesting mix of style and substance.

Chakra Rainbow at 910 Arts (Friday, free)
We know what you're thinking right now: "What the fuck is a chakra rainbow and why do I want to see it?" Well, Chakra Rainbow is an art show created by Shelley Irish-Smith as a means to display self-portraits that work to express the imbalance of one's chakra. We don't know what any of that means, but we're pretty certain it's going to chakra and awe somebody out there (sorry).

The Watching Hour: F/X at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax (Friday, $9.75)
F/X is one of those classic films from the '80s that has been lost to the big-budget, explosion-heavy movies of today. But know this: You need to see this movie. It's a thriller, a political adventure and, most importantly, an enjoyable film that gets it done in all the right places.

Denver March Powwow at Denver Coliseum (Friday-Sunday, $7/day pass)
You've probably got a pretty good idea of what to expect at the Denver March Powwow based solely on the name, but in case you're a little dense, it's a celebration of the traditional components of Native American culture. This includes dancing, drumming, storytelling and a parade filled with intricate costumes and chants. Perhaps after pretending you were "totally Irish" earlier this week, you might want to relax with some actual, American roots.

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