Twitter Tuesday: Bros, meet Chet Haze

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Relax. Its just kush smoke, bro.
​The Twitterverse is a vast and vacant one, a expanse muddled with one-liners, chunks of internet "wisdom" and lots of inappropriate ass-shots courtesy of certain famous people's wives (we're looking at you, Ice-T and Coco Austin). So, how does one go about deciding which A, B, C (and especially) D-List celebrities to follow? Have no fear, fellow tweeters, we're here with new weekly recommendations for the best celeb and semi-celebs to follow and pretend to be friends with on Twitter. Our first installment is Chet (son of Tom) Hanks, better known as Chet Haze, the 20-year-old rapper and most prolific of tweeters.

Why should you follow Chet? If its not obvious from this tweet and its hashtag, this dude has no shame in his bro-ish game. Chet's like a college-educated Jersey Shore cast-off, a man who tweets his every gym, tan and laundry experience (though for some reason, its hard to believe he does his own laundry). Part of us wants to think his tweets are as big of an act as his rap career, but part of us thinks he just doesn't know any better

Like many tweeters, Chet also tries to speak in truths (see above). Who doesn't agree that most modern day Biggie re-workings are whack? Even when Girl Talk lays B.I.G.'s "Juicy" over Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" it doesn't feel right. Chet gets that. Chet gets us. We get Chet.
​Chet also proves that he too is prone to error, and there is a person behind his sometimes fallible tweets. Like how he relays the words "Nazis" and "lol" in the same thought pattern. Twitter can be a great platform for anyone wishing to share their unfiltered streams-of-consciousness with the larger world, and Chet does it big. Mostly, Chet reminds us that, well, star-tweeters: They're just like us!

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