Disney On Ice's Princess Classic: an evening of cynicism and/or warm hearts

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I am a rabid feminist. (The adjective my mother likes to use is 'foaming-mouth.') This does not mean I devote my time to hating men and busting balls or consider women victims of society, but that I believe, to my core, that quality of life should not be determined by sexual identity or gender. So it kind of goes without saying that I have more than a couple problems with Walt Disney and his squad of princesses. Little girls don't need to be taught that fulfilled dreams come with a marriage, a dress, and a castle to live in. Long hair and thin legs do not equate to personal satisfaction.

But there is something undeniably wonderful about fairy tales performed on ice.

As infuriating as the stories themselves may be -- my favorite is The Little Mermaid, whose protagonist discovers that she can only find true love if she exchanges her tail for two, ahem, openable legs -- the interaction of costuming and sound and motion is an enchanting one.

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The show is comprised of a series of scenes capturing and summarizing Disney's most celebrated princess movies. It holds remarkably close to its origins; the special effects are impressive and the costuming is pulled straight from the animation. More problems, admittedly, for appearance-isn't-everything types, but hey. The catchiest musical numbers are also all there, and it's impossible to not love dancing elephants and singing mice.

The Princess Classic plays tonight at 7p.m., Friday at 11a.m. and through this weekend at 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. at the Denver Coliseum. Tickets run $15 - 26.50.

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Denver Coliseum

4600 Humboldt St., Denver, CO

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