Mighty Fudge Animation Studios teases "Under the Bed" (Video)

Under the Bed.JPG
Mighty Fudge, the naughty Boulder animation studio that's lately been taking on the likes of Jay Leno and YouTube, is now pimping its newest animated atrocity. Titled "Under the Bed" and starring big-league vocal talent Maggie Roswell (the voice of now-deceased Maude Flanders and other characters on the Simpsons) and Hal Rayle (voice of the Predator in Predator 2), the full animated short for now can only be seen on the film festival circuit. But to whet appetites, Mighty Fudge has released a sneak peek, which can be seen below. As Mighty Fudge founder Patrick Mallek promises in an e-mail, "If you love moms, daughters and a whole lot of rats, you're gonna really love this!" With an endorsement like that, who wouldn't want to see it?

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