How to get my job: Phone sex operator

Phone sex is a dying, uh, breed, but that doesn't mean it's not still a lucrative business. While many folks have turned to the slightly more anonymous internet to rock their socks off, plenty of people still desire a bit more of a human touch. We decided it was due time to have a chat with one of these ladies, but in order to do so we had to assure her she'd remain anonymous for reasons that will probably become clear in the interview. For the sake of continuity, however, we've given her the name Crystal, because that just sounds like a good name for a phone sex operator.

Westword: Tell us a little about your history in the industry.
Crystal: After I graduated college with a degree in Literature a couple years ago, I didn't really know what to do. I had this girlfriend who was always raving about how she got to make her own hours for work, but she never told me what she did. I ended up being desperate enough to ask her one day, and she told me she did this phone sex thing. I remember laughing, because she didn't really seem like the type, but she was totally serious. She got me hooked up with her company initially doing chats and eventually I moved on to the phone. I think I've been doing it for about four years now.

WW: How would you recommend someone get started as a phone sex operator? What type of person is best qualified for it?
C: Well, I haven't really looked into the different ways people do it much, but from what I understand, there are basically two different ways: You can buy your own 1-900 number, or you can go through a company. I go through the company just because I've never been really good with numbers or accounting or anything, so it's just easier. But there is probably more money in owning your own.

People think it takes a really sexy person to do this, but honestly, it takes someone who can tell a good story. Not to be too blunt, but it doesn't take a lot to get a guy off when he's in the mood. But to keep it interesting for yourself you have to be able to switch it up. The same goes for regular callers. They might call because they like your voice, but in the end, they like what you're telling them more.

There is also a certain privacy or maybe awkwardness or something you have to be willing let go of. I don't go around broadcasting what I do to the world, but that means I have to make things up when people ask me what I do.

WW: Can you describe an average day?
C: Well, I have set hours that I work, usually in the evening. It's really not that interesting, but I basically set that time aside every day, just like anyone would when they're working from home, and the calls get filtered down to me. The guys will pay in time increments and I'll talk to them for that amount of time. I'll usually start just by seeing what they want they want to hear. Y'know, not all guys are the same, and they don't want the same thing. Some of them want some straightforward talking, others want a thing that I've never heard of. I guess there isn't really, like, an average day. They're all different.

WW: What's the best part of the job?
C: I'm going to sound terrible saying this, but it's the money. It also keeps me on my toes as far as creative thinking. I can't really say what I mean by that without giving myself away, but it really does help me tell better stories and have better conversations.

WW: What about the worst part?
C: I can't tell my parents what I do for one. Or most of my friends for that matter. I pretend it's like I'm a spy or something and sometimes people seem to really think I am. I thought I'd have this get in the way of serious things like relationships and stuff, but I've been able to deal with that kind of stuff as it comes along.

WW: How about the biggest misconception?
C: I kind of said this before, but people think we're like, sexy mistresses or fat slobs. That's not really the case. I think for the most part we're all pretty much just regular women trying to get by. I think maybe people might think were sex-crazy too, but y'know... I don't, like, enjoy what I do in that way.

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  am veery interested in this and they way i see it it's very saffe sex. I have 2 children now in college ane 2 more to go however 1 child is austic and my hubsand have seizures.  I so need this help and is veery willing to learn the tricks of the trade.. To me just a three hundred more weekly with my regular day pay would be great. If i could do this full time dday and night  would even be better. please help me ofline  or another  i would greatly be thankful.  tell me how to talk to   u personally. want 2 get  my number but i think ur better at this then i. live in mphs ,tn 901 267  now tell me howw too finish that number


My thing is that I would love to do some phone sex.... I can get you off so good & exciting.. let me know how to get a job like this.. sex is my Passion.. Denise


fyi my computer type thingss twice. LOL need a new 1 but brought it for my child in college. this is anotheer reason i have to get about my grind

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