Rocky Mountain High: Is John Denver headed for Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum Hall of Fame?

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Queue up "Rocky Mountain High" for the 2011 Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum Hall of Fame awards: John Denver (who is on a roll here -- he's also about to be inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame) is among this year's candidates. As his friend and fellow musician Jim Salestrom notes in his nomination letter, the singer/songwriter was an accomplished skier and helped promote skiing in Colorado through songs like "Downhill Stuff," "I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado," and, yes, "Rocky Mountain High" (the 1972 stoner anthem was adopted as a state song of Colorado in 2007). He also helped promote the sport through ABC's Celebrity Professional Skiing Events in Aspen, as seen on Wide World of Sports.

The 140 members of the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum's voting panel begin elections today through April 15 to induct four new members into the Hall of Fame. Other candidates include Wolf Creek Ski Patrol founder Charles Elliott, Colorado Mountain College professor Curtis W. Bender, United States Ski & Snowboard Association race official Esther Delli-Quadri, Summit County Nordic Ski coach Gary Giberson, U.S. Adaptive team coach Jon Kreamelmeyer, former Vail ski instructor Thomas Jacobson, Jr., and Tom Jankovsky, general manager at Sunlight Mountain (near Glenwood Springs) for the last 25 years.

In his letter Salestrom notes an obvious Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum gift shop angle to giving John Denver the award:

"I can guarantee we could add John's musical CDs to sell and maybe even add some video of him skiing to one of your presentations... John's love of skiing and all the parts of a mountain living in Colorado relate to our state's most memorable skiers."

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Angela Roberts
Angela Roberts

I can tell you that in my travels I have found that to many people around the world,John Denver IS Colorado. Certainly if you held a poll in my country that asked the recipients to name as many famous Colorado-ians as they can,most would only be able to name John Denver.(Dan Fogelberg would probably garner a handful of votes.) The first time I ever even saw what Colorado looked like was in a Denver Christmas special in 1975,in which the singer performed in a specially built glass dome in wintry Snowmass,and was filmed skiiing,skating and toboganning in the beautiful snowy scenery of your gorgeous state.As a 10 year old who was living in the subtropics and had never seen snow,I was fascinated,and vowed to go there someday. Which 5 years ago I did & had a wonderful time attempting to learn to ski('attempting' being the operative word-LOL!).Also,Denver wrote a song called 'Whispering Jesse',which is also the name of an Aspen ski run.So yes-Denver and skiing are inextricably linked


What a great idea! John was the main reason I moved here and learned to ski.

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