Science Lounge combined the whimsy of childhood with the drinking of adulthood

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Please touch the artifacts.
As a small child whipping my crayons around the perfect spiral assistance of the Spirograph, I never never anticipated that I could maximize that activity by adding the sweet elixir of booze, or that I'd be doing both with the aid of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science -- yet here I was on an ordinary Thursday night, doing just that: creating my own spiral galaxy with chalk while sipping the Leonardo Da Vodka, a specialty drink designed by staff at the museum for just this occasion. But so it goes with The Science Lounge -- a way for adults to drunkenly engage their inner child.

Sipping their first cocktails, guests filtered into the museum's atrium to look at the first interactive portion of the evening, Create Your Own Still Life. Here, guests could take museum artifacts and arrange them for their own still-life photos -- as one guy put it, "The important part is that you can pick up and touch things without getting in trouble." In a similarly crafty vein vein, people were also able to paste their or their friends' faces to gorilla pictures that they could then color and post to strings hanging from the balcony for the guerrilla/gorilla art piece. Markers, glue and scissors were laid out, summer-camp arts and crafts achieved with a chilled drink in hand, the latter of which possibly led to one woman remarking that her gorilla seemed to be doing a little "self-touching."

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