Bicycle Colorado celebrates cycling and bicycles with its annual Bicycle Gala

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This Friday, April 29, Bicycle Colorado hosts its annual Gala celebration and fundraiser for bicycle awareness and advocacy at The Denver Post building (101 W. Colfax Ave). The non-profit organization aims to educate the public on bicycle safety, road-sharing and bike lanes, while being a voice for both city and mountain cyclists.

The semi-casual event begins at 6 p.m. and centers around a live auction, offering up everything clothing donated by Patagonia to a ski weekend in Aspen or access to condos in Beaver Creek. The 2011 Gala will serve appetizers and have an open bar, along with desserts and coffee available later on in the night.

Tickets for the for the Gala must be purchased prior to Friday, and are available through Bicycle Colorado's partner site, Blacktie Colorado. Admission is $65 for Bicycle Colorado members and $75 for non-members.

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Cyclists are Douches
Cyclists are Douches

Why can't cyclists be educated on NOT riding 2-3 abreast on busier roads and walkways?


In fact, it is Bicycle Colorado's mission to educate both cyclists and motorists to ensure legally proper and safe cycling on Colorado roadways. Consequently, a cash donation to Bicycle Colorado is significantly more productive than a troll-like, self-centered rant. But it's probably difficult to reach your wallet with your head up your ass.

We can only hope that your generalization is not shared by all motorists. Much like the generalization that motorists are knuckle-dragging half-wits prone to domestic violence and intent on killing people with 2000 lb vehicles on "their" roadway because mommy didn't let them suckle the teat long enough, is not shared by all cyclists.

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