Time-wasting photo: Cat bong

cat bong.jpg
There's nothing funny about household pets perishing from smoke inhalation, but a cat in an oxygen mask, apparently, is hilarious -- even the cops in the background think it's funny, and cops never think anything is funny. The cat, however, is not amused.

Though it appears to be the best device ever for breathing smoke in, it is in fact intended to keep it out, as part of Invisible Fence's Project Breathe, wherein the pet-care brand is on a mission to donate pet oxygen masks to every fire station in America and Canada -- the cat pictured above is the beneficiary of one of those masks. Yesterday, the company donated 48 of the contraptions to the Denver Fire Department in a ceremony at Fire Station 5, meaning Denver is likely to soon see some cats with their lives intact but in hilarious discomfort.

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I need to get a cat bong. Then, I need to get a cat. Did I get it backwards? Dude, I'm so hungry right now.

Ian Williams
Ian Williams

You seem to be suffering from obtuse smoke inhalation.

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