Spike and Mike come to town: A preview of the sick and twisted you'll get this weekend (NSFW)

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Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival is a well-known powerhouse in the gross-out short film arena, which is why when it's here in town this weekend you won't want to miss it. If you're not really certain what to expect, or if you happened to miss it when it was last in town (about 10 years ago by our count), then we've got a few films recommended to us by none other than Spike Decker to give you a good primer.

"I Live in the Woods"
Director: Max Winston

Stop motion films don't have a lot of homes in this world, but judging by the trailer for this one, there's a pretty good reason as to why it's not streaming on network television right now. It's a short, four minute film that tells the story of a happy woodsman who decides it's time to confront God. Weird? Yes, but it's so darn pretty to look at we just don't care.

"Fantaisie in Bubblewrap"
Director: Arthur Metcalf

This could be the saddest movie about bubble wrap you ever see. In fact, we guarantee it. Thankfully, it's also pretty damn funny, especially if your humor happens to fall on the darker side of things. If you cry easily or have the heart of a giant, you might want to skip this one, but if you're into the idea of watching a genocide and having a few laughs, this one's for you.

"Tiny Hats"
Director: Penelope Gazin

We've already mentioned Spike and Mike's is all about the weird -- but this video is weird, adorable and catchy -- which makes it a sure-fire win in our books. We've watched it like fifteen times now and we just can't stop. It's a song and story about a woman and a boy who wear tiny hats to conceal strangeness underneath. The animation switches over to Claymation toward the end too, so be sure to watch the whole thing. We especially like that this is one of the big new submissions from a woman, proving once and for all that girls are just weird as boys.

"Chainsaw Maid"
Director: Takena Nagao

The title pretty much describes what to expect from this one -- it's Claymation about a maid saving her family from rabid zombies by defending them with a chainsaw. Yep, it's got more blood packed into its seven minutes than most horror films have in two hours. Spike called this one a mash up of "zombie, splatter and horror." Who would have thought a short Japanese film would answer the age-old question of what happens when you cut off the bottom of a zombie's jaw?

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