Ten ridiculous wikis to cure your boredom with just one click

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Is there a wiki for this? Why yes, yes there is.
Wikipedia may be the world's largest online encyclopedia, but lately its increasing credibility and citation of sources have sucked out all of its fun. What if you just want something to laugh at, like a page of bullshit you're never ever going to need to know or reference in real life? That's where wiki pages come in.

Wiki pages are the Internet's answer to groups of people with nothing better to do than compile lots and lots of trivial information on useless topics. Like Super Mario. Or dicks. Or World of Warcraft. We at Westword like to consider reading wikis the most highly entertaining and, frankly, most pointless way to kill a Thursday afternoon at a computer. So we put together a list of our favorite Top 10 useless wikis -- judged by creativity, content and, best of all, uselessness. We hope you need to kill four hours, too...

This Might Be a Wiki.jpg
10. This Might Be a Wiki: The They Might Be Giants knowledge base
Who doesn't love They Might Be Giants? Though This Might Be a Wiki may not convert you to a die-hard fan overnight, it will at least give you an appreciation for the Brooklyn band with an entry about every song, album, EP and piece of merchandise currently being auctioned off on eBay.

Killing time: If you still need something to keep you occupied after perusing all 631 entries -- featuring trivia, including a list of words and phrases the band members never allow each other to say, like "I threw up a little in my mouth" (who knew!) -- check out this video clip from an episode of Tiny Toons featuring "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," one of They Might Be Giants' more popular political-but-not-super-political songs.

Super Mario.jpg
9. Super Mario Wiki
Boasting the one of the only wiki-based newspapers, The 'Shroom (the next issue comes out on April 16, by the way), this Mario-based wiki covers all the bases within the Mario universe. From descriptions of the 1,300 different items that appear in any Mario game to the official moves Mario and others practice in all of the games, this list is almost as scarily in-depth as our no. 2 wiki. Super Mario Wiki has been around for almost six years now, and it makes us wonder: how do the founders of this page have the time to update this wiki regularly AND play the Mario games? Are they using star power?

Makin' Nooki: Super Mario Wiki is part of a large group of wikis based on different Nintendo games, called the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA). Our second-favorite cousin of Super Mario Wiki is Nookipedia. Nookipedia is the wiki for the game Animal Crossing. Its only fault is that the wiki is perhaps more exciting than the game itself. For our overall favorite cousin of Super Mario Wiki, see no. 6 on our list.

Anime Showdown.jpg
8. Anime Showdown
Ever wonder who would win a battle between Jackie Chan and Captain America? No? That's ok -- the creators of Anime Showdown did for you. Compiling a list of over 279 anime characters with individual characteristics, special powers and attributes, this wiki has managed to enable users to pit every anime character and random cartoons against each other in measurable ways. Will Master Roshi ever defeat Santa Claus? Compare their character profiles to find out -- but, let's face it, that bowl full o' jelly will beat out any Dragon Ball kamehameha energy beam attack any day of the week, whether Christmas or not.

Reality bites: The character profiles of real life figures on Anime Showdown, including Jackie Chan, Greek god Heracles and Chris Brown, are prized contributions to Internet ridiculousness. According to the wiki, Chris Brown's "Get buck in here" technique makes the singer "break out into Krump... [and thereby] increases his dynamic strength, combat speed and overall bloodlust." Then there's a picture of the abused and bloodied Rihanna. We can't help but wonder if her "umbrella" technique stood any chance against his potent "I can transform ya" attack. Poor girl probably never saw it coming.

7. Wookieepedia
This wiki's name is our absolute favorite from the list. An encyclopedia of all things Star Wars, Wookieepedia is any jedi's wet dream. The best feature about this wiki is easily its quote of the day, always taken out of context, never making sense to the casual web surfer. Here's one in particular that seems super rando (major props to whoever can identify the Star Wars movie this occurs in):

Wedge Antilles: "You need to consider working as a team player."
Han Solo: "I'm a team player. As long as the rest of the team stays behind me."

Wuh-woh: As an open-edit encyclopedia, this wiki is open for any Star Wars to edit. But beware. There is a panel of Wookieepedians who review, monitor and improve all featured articles. Known as The Inquisitorius, this group of Wookieepedians also has the power to reject all new entries. Think of it like the revenge of the Sith, but for Wookieepedians.

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