The many bongs, er, "medical smoking devices" of the High Times Cannabis Cup

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A serious device.
While it's of course true that marijuana is a medical drug, and the implements of smoking it are as such medical devices and should only be used as such (cough, cough, in multiple senses of that joke), it's unlikely that you're going to see a blood-pressure pump or a forceps as pretty as any of the intricate glass-work on display at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup last night, an event Westword pot critic Will Breathes likened to "the largest hot box I have ever been a part of" -- in a strictly medical sense, of course. We sent photographer Kate Levy out to check out the, uh, merchandise, and she brings back these photos of some truly impressive "medical smoking devices." See the full slide-show here!

See the full slide-show here!




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best bong rips ever were in the airplane...kurple fantasy from the CANNASSEUR!

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