10 things to do for $10 this weekend, May 20-22, 2011

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This weekend includes an incredibly diverse set of activities. From hanging out and waiting for the rapture to dancing and car shows, you'll be able to spend your last waking hours on earth getting some serious party on. If the shit doesn't totally hit the fan come Saturday, you'll even be able to check out some cool movies, some crazy postcards and more -- all for under $10 -- meaning you can save your cash for hoarding canned food.

Real is a Feeling at Meadowlark (Friday, $5)
How's a little dance madness sound for your final days on earth? Good? If so, you'll probably want to hit up Real is a Feeling tonight, where $5 will net you an awesome evening of whacked-out sounds and funky beats. The Apocalypse wouldn't start while people are having fun, right?


Andrew Orvedahl at Boulder Comedy Club (1346 Pearl Street, Boulder - Friday, $8)
We know what you're thinking -- you didn't even know Boulder had a comedy club -- but alas, they do and there is going to be funny happening tonight, with local comedian Andrew Orvedahl being joined by some of Denver's best joke spinners, including Nathan Lund, Sam Tallent and Jen Luna. Everyone knows that jokes are funnier in Boulder.


Lady Gaga Night at Bar Standard (Friday, $5)
If you're the type of person who has been playing GagaVille all week in hopes of unlocking Lady Gaga tracks, then you're probably the type to truly appreciate this Gaga themed dance night at Bar Standard. How much Gaga, you ask? How about two hours of non-stop Gaga, including Danger Dan and Rockstar Aaron's remix of "Hair."

Harold and Maude at Esquire Theatre (Friday-Saturday, $9.75)
As far as cult classics are concerned, Harold and Maude is on the top of a number of lists for a good reason -- it's weird, quirky and incredibly enjoyable. Hell, it's even heartwarming at points without ever being cheesy: a true accomplishment.


British Car Boot Sale at Jefferson Country Fairgrounds (Saturday, $3)
Running a single-home yard sale is a pain in the ass. You have to sit outside all day long talking to every weirdo that walks by and then deal with several hours of gut wrenching disappointment as nobody picks up your vintage collection of Star Trek action figures. To help deal with this, you could have signed up for the British Car Boot Sale to hock your wares -- but since you didn't, you might as well see what other people are selling in this makeshift flea market with goods being sold out of cars in a parking lot.

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