10 things to do for $10 this weekend, May 27-28, 2011

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It's Memorial Day weekend, which for some people means a three-day party. For others it means celebrating veterans and for another set it means extra-long work hours. For most of us, it means we'll be able to drink an extra mojito on Sunday morning and not have to worry about a damn thing. Regardless of your idea of fun, we've got you plenty covered this weekend.

The Grawlix Episode 5 at Avenue Theater (Friday, $7)
We've said it again and again over the last five months, but The Grawlix is one of this city's best comedy shows. If a partially scripted, partially stand-up, mostly-dick-jokes kind of evening is your thing, you'll be in heaven from 10:30 p.m .until midnight tonight.

The Watching Hour: E.T. at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax (Friday, $9.75)
There's a pretty good chance you've seen E.T. at some point in your life, but the heartwarming film about an alien hell-bent on riding around in a bicycle basket and eating Reese's Pieces is a timeless tale of world-ending catastrophe not to be missed. Or maybe we're confusing it with another Spielberg movie about a giant Simon Says machine traveling to Earth. Regardless, this is the one with Drew Barrymore. You should see it.

Lipgloss at La Rumba (Friday, $5)
Lipgloss recently underwent a few changes on the decks, which means if you haven't been in a while it might be a good time to pop in and see what sounds the resident DJs are spitting out of the speakers. Of course, you'll also have ample time to dance around like an idiot too, but dammit -- you're going to enjoy yourself no matter what this weekend, right?


Dr. Strangelove at Esquire Theatre (Friday, $9.75)
While all those weirdos are in the big room at the Esquire watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you'd prefer to do something slightly more, ahem, reserved, right? Well then, Dr. Strangelove should be a perfect fit for you -- plus it's a pretty darn good fit for this whole rapture nonsense that's been going around lately.

The Wild Bunch at Chicano Humanities & Arts Council (Friday-Saturday, free)
At the end of the Wild Bunch film, an epic shootout kills nearly everyone involved in the movie. That's not actually what's going to happen this weekend at the Chicano Humanities & Arts Council, but it's worth noting as this will be the last weekend you'll have a chance to check out art from nine of the best and most well known artists in the community.

What is Modern? at Denver Art Museum (Friday-Sunday, $3-$10)
We always thought "modern" just meant, like, "now," but apparently there's this whole art movement thing that copped its name from it as well. If you're curious about this elusive movement that seems to entail everything from office chairs to lamps, then you'd best make your way down to the Denver Art Museum.

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