Over the Weekend: Create Denver Week's Your Sunday Best was a cake walk into town

A little romance from Fashion Denver.
The last leg of Create Denver Week was by no means an afterthought: Rather, Your Sunday Best, for which Fashion Denver's Sprout spring market and the Denver Handmade Alliance's Crafty Ballyhoo shared quarters at the Grant-Humphreys mansion, was rife with good vibes, in spite of the cloudy weather. And, typically of Create Denver events, there was a lot more going on than a locally focused sale of fashion, jewelry and crafts.

There were yum-delicious food-truck eats from the Deluxe Little Orange Rocket and Pinche Tacos. In an indoor cranny of the mansion, Novo served its rich, deep dark coffee (accommodating barista pictured here), and mocktails were being mixed by our favorite traveling tiki bar, Hula Moon.


Outdoors, there was a Horndribbles puppet show.



The Denver Handmade Homemade Market, which hosts monthly alternative currency and bartering markets at Denver Green Spaces every second Saturday (the next is, ironically, on a Sunday -- June 12) oversaw a hilarious musical-chairs cake walk featuring some of the most scrumptious-looking homemade cakes we'd ever seen. The HaHo representatives all wore attractive aprons and danced a lot, too, to belly-dance and can-can music. Ba-da-boom!




Upstairs, visitors could get crafty themselves, making crochet tags (with help from the notorious knit-bombing Ladies Fancywork Society), children's crowns (presented by Bluebird Arts) and artsy postcards at a station hosted by the Denver Art Museum; the DAM and flobots.org were also recording digital stories for a Create Denver project.

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