Comment of the day: "Pumpin' out my ovaries"

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Be careful what tattoo you get, lest you end up like Bree Davies, who ended up accidentally affiliating herself with a gang when she got the initials R.H. tattooed on her (it stands for "Ratchet Ho") -- meaning you might want to reconsider that flaming skull with the "Bandido 4 Life" inscription on it. Luckily for Bree, though, the gang in question is unlikely to show up an her house and demand that she remove said tattoo with a hot knife -- also, the White Girl Mob lays down some sick beatz. Reader Party Rat knows what up.

Gucci Gucci gets stuck in my head at work when I'm searching for rogue commas and there's a lot of effort to NOT yell out, "I got the swag and it's pumpin' out my ovaries!"

Though your allusion to rogue commas makes us suspect that you are just as nerdy as we are, Party Rat, we have no doubt that the swag is, in fact, pumpin' out your ovaries. R.H. 4 life.

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Bree Davies
Bree Davies

What? I prefered Dav's comment: "You are an idiot." So succinct. 

But Party Rat and I should still hang out because BITCH, YOU AIN'T NO BARBIE, I SEE YOU WORK AT ARBY'S. NUMBER 2, SUPER-SIZED, HURRY UP I'M STARVING  

Jef Otte
Jef Otte

Yeah, Dav's clearly a deep individual. I respect a man who takes fifteen seconds out of his day to text-utter a bland insult with no clear referent. 

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