The 19 Kids and Counting clan take a Colorado ski vacation in tonight's season premiere

Duggars at SolVista.jpg
Photo courtesy Granby Ranch
SolVista at Granby Ranch founder Marise Cipriana poses with the Duggar family, cast of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting
Lift tickets, lesssons, lodging, and gear rentals for a posse rolling more than 20 deep? Duggar family parents Jim Bob and Michelle may not have had ponying up for family ski vacations on the brain while they were getting busy and getting down to business with the practical side of their pro-procreation and condom-free conservative Christian beliefs. No wonder they volunteered to have their family's every move exploited (and, presumably, paid for) by TLC for the network's 19 Kids and Counting reality series! In tonight's Season 6 premiere -- Duggars Hit the Slopes, airing at 7 p.m. on TLC -- the Duggar clan travels to Colorado from their hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas to get their snowplow on at SolVista at Granby Ranch.

SolVista spokeswoman Teresa Hill reports that the family -- first-timers, all -- did pretty well in their lessons and enjoyed their stay, which included a pizza feast at the Seven Trails Grille and a whole lot of marshmallows getting burned at the stake in the name of making s'mores.

"It was lot of fun -- and a lot of work -- having everybody here," Hill says. "Everybody in the family had a great time, helping prove why SolVista and Granby Ranch are so great for families, no matter what size, and for kids of all ages."

Duggars Fire Pit.jpg
Photo courtesy Granby Ranch
The TLC camera crew roasts a boom mike over an open fire during filming for the 19 Kids and Counting Season 6 premiere, "Duggars on the Slopes"

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Why is TLC producing shows about people like the Duggars and Sarah Palin that eschew learning?

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