Stylez II women: Best fashions of Boyz II Men with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra

boyz II men 8.jpg
Lookin' fine, Boyz II Men
It hasn't been medically confirmed yet, but I'm pretty sure my pregnant girlfriend left the Boyz II Men show with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra last night approximately 250 percent more pregnant. Just as sexy and possibly even sexier than they were in the '90s despite being down a Boy/Man (bass Michael McCary left due to health problems in 2003), the new-Motown group proved itself still more than capable of making masses of both women and men swoon (I'm not going to lie: I swooned a little, especially when Shawn Stockman got choked up during "The Color of Love" and had to stop singing for a second. "I promised myself I wasn't going to do that," he quipped after the song was over). And when people come out to see Boyz II Men, they still rock some pretty fresh stylez.

That would be including the Boyz/Men, who came correct with some crisp-looking suits, which they joked the symphony made them wear -- it was the first show they had done with a symphony orchestra in the U.S., Stockman said. They also brought dozens of roses, which provided what was easily the most epic few minutes of the show when, during "I'll Make Love to You," they invited the crowd to come down and handed them out to a throng of screaming females -- which, the last time there was a throng of screaming females at the CSO was most likely never.

boz II men 6.jpg
We love you too, Wanya Morris.

boyz II men 7.jpg
She will never wash the hand she caught that rose with again.
"I''ll Make Love to You," though, was by no means the only hit the group brought out -- they knew how to please a crowd, and that's what they were there to do, with "On Bended Knee," "Water Runs Dry" and "End of the Road" all faithfully rendered, along with a few covers -- Boyz II Men's last couple of albums have comprised one of Motown hits and another of popular love songs, and as such, the band did renditions of the Commodores' "Easy" and, more weirdly, "Open Arms" by Journey.

Speaking of the hits, the most iconic of Boyz II Men outfits has to be the all-white-linen suits from the video for "Water Runs Dry" (homage to which was particularly fitting considering the symphony orchestra and everything), and most of the epic outfits people wore to the show riffed in some way on that theme.

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