Let out your chickens! Here comes the Denver County Fair!

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Maybe you've heard about it: The buzz has been slowly growing over time. But what exactly is this Denver County Fair people are clucking and waving around their feathers about? Well, that's not an easy question to answer, since chances are pretty good there's never been anything quite like it before, anywhere, and let it suffice to say, it's not, as the slogan goes, "your grandmother's county fair." At its root, it's really just a big, gushing, love-crazed, emphatic poem to the city of Denver: its trends, its land-locked cultural aura and most especially, its people -- the folks who toil to make this a special, if underappreciated, place.

Fair masterminds Dana Cain and Tracy Weil know we're an esoteric breed here and made no bones about tailoring their programming to make us happy. They also note that if you're going to enter your ten-pound tomato or that potato in the shape of Jesus Christ in a contest, now's the time to do it, before the July 18 cut-off date. So, forthwith -- a preview of all that's in store, a mere month from now at the National Western Complex, on July 28 through 31:

The fair's structure will basically comprise a series of Denver-centric pavilions, each of which will include its own set of specific vendors and events:

  • Animal Pavilion: Featuring everything from the Human Chicken Contest to ribbons for household pets.
  • Buy Local Pavilion: Was it born within 100 miles? You'll find it here.
  • Farm and Garden: Offering ribbons for backyard gardeners of every stripe, workshops and even a poetry contest.
  • Craft Pavilion: Where the new breed of DIY stitchers will compete in live sewing, knitting and crocheting challenges. Brought to you by Fancy Tiger.
  • Holistic Pavilion: Step into another dimension, with belly dancing, tarot readings, aura photography and more.
  • Fashion Pavilion: Experience high style with live runway shows, blue-ribbon designers, prize-winning tattoos and strutting drag queens. Woo hoo!
  • Fine Art Pavilion: Art goes high and low, with a juried fine art exhibit, demos and art for sale.
  • Green Pavilion: Go back in time at the Green Science Fair and find out more about local green businesses.
  • Kitchen Pavilion: Cheeseburger Cookoff! Charles Phoenix! Fried Cereal! Need we say more?
  • Youth Pavilion: Urban 4-H-ers trade their prize sheep and rabbits for rockets and robots.
  • Don't forget these special events and attractions:

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    Tracy Weil
    Tracy Weil

    Fantastic!! We'll have LOTS of chickens too! We're working with the Colorado Poultry Association and they are bringing out their best to exhibit at the fair! Great fun and educational for all!!

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