We'll miss you, Denver Daily News: A "Town Talk" tribute

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It's all over: A screenshot of the Denver Daily News site today.
With no announcement and little ceremony or sentiment, the Denver Daily News closed its doors forever yesterday after ten years of Monday-through-Friday reporting. For an upstart organization with an incredibly tiny staff (four in editorial and one photographer), the Daily got a lot done, and there's a lot we'll miss about it: the fact that it was free, for example, and the paper's clear glee in sticking it to the Denver Post. But the thing we'll probably miss most is the Daily's little incongruities, the seat-of-the-pants spirit that comes with being the underdog in a small market with stiff competition. Like a faintly disturbing trip to Funtastic Fun, it was part of the charm.

Nowhere was that underdog strangeness more pronounced than in a little daily segment of the paper called "Town Talk" (it used to be called "Talk of the Town" until, most likely, a cease-and-desist notice came in and it got shortened), a ramshackle collection of short articles about local businesses seemingly highlighted at random with a liberal sprinkling of weird grandpa jokes.

For the foreseeable future, there'll be no more "Town Talk" (we're seriously thinking about picking it up for Show and Tell), but in the meantime, here are a few of our favorites throughout the years:

The Janitor's Way: May 6, 2011

BE YOUR OWN BOSS: If you're interested in starting your own business, Corvus Janitorial Systems may be your ticket! Corvus is a franchise cleaning company, and for a low $500 down payment you could be in business with guaranteed accounts!
In this classic example of how truly random "Town Talk" could be, you are invited to become a janitor, if you're into that idea! Because it's very exciting! Exclamation points!

A Limited Time Offer: January 14, 2010

Grass Roots: Talk about smokin' incentives! Scott Turner and Dan Emmans of Grass Roots health and wellness dispensary are offering a FREE eighth of an ounce bag of goodies to new patients for a limited time. You read it right, stop in today to Grass Roots and new patients will receive a free bag of top-shelf meds for your smoking needs. This is a forty-dollar value and will not last long. Tell them you read it right here in yours truly and enjoy!
Mostly it's just weird for anyone who remembers when weed was definitely illegal to read about a deal for pot in the parlance of a bandstand-shouting town crier, talking about a "FREE eighth of an ounce bag of goodies" and "top-shelf meds" -- which, if you think about it, there's really just kind of something not right about the phrase "top-shelf meds." Step right up, folks, this shit'll fuck up your whole perception!

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