Gotham Chopra isn't just a chip off the old block

Deepak Chopra is a new-agey self-help spiritualist whose doctrines are rooted in Indian religion and culture; his son, Gotham Chopra, is an all-American boy who publishes comics and makes movies about superheroes across the ages. Together, they have written a new book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World, which blends their strengths: the father's teachings and the son's pop culture ethos, pairing inspirational ideas with superheroic legends from across history, time and culture.

They'll be signing the tome at the Tattered Cover LoDo tonight at 7:30 p.m.; in advance of that, we caught up with Gotham to ask a few questions.

Westword: How did you come to collaborate with your father on this book?

Gotham Chopra: I did a panel in San Diego at Comic Con. My father and Grant Morrison were panelists, and I moderated. The idea of applying my father's principles to the world of superheroes hatched spontaneously during that panel. I then wondered if you could take these spiritual principles and apply them to the world of superheroes, both ancient and modern.

WW: Were there challenges in working with your famous father?

GC: No, not really. This was a very organic blending of his world and my world.

WW: How do you make the superhero connection in the book?

GC: There are many examples in the comics: The most iconic superhero of all, Superman, has the physical attributes of the Greco-Roman gods. But his real power stems from his confidence, his fearlessness and his invulnerability. When he takes on his superhero persona, we try to identify these classic superhero traits and how they might resonate in modern society. Iron Man wears his iron suit, of course, but his real power is creativity, ingenuity. He solves every problem in front of him intuitively. Others are more empathic: Silver Surfer is one, and X-Men's Rogue. Compassion is their superpower. They take on the suffering of those around them and gain power from the collective consciousness.

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