Photos: Marvelous Mud at the Denver Art Museum

Roxanne Swentzell and Bill Steen work on her ten-foot sculpture, called "Mud Woman Rolls On," using straw wattles and Colorado adobe. Vew more photos.
"This is the first time a museum has ever explored one material across its collections, and I think Marvelous Mud will shatter expectations of clay," says Denver Art Museum director Christoph Henrich. Photos from the opening day of that exhibit, Saturday, June 11, 2011. Photos by Kelly Kaoudis. See the full Marvelous Mud slideshow here.
Below are a few highlights:

Annabeth Rosen's installation piece is called "Waver," and is made up of multiple sculpture towers. View more photos.

Mia Mulvey's work "Mast Year," in the Overthrown: Clay Without Limits exhibit. View more photos.

Anders Ruhwald's piece "Like the New Past" is interactive, and observers can walk through, count the tiles, or try to cross only on the orange squares like this CU fan. View more photos.

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Denver Art Museum

100 W. 14th Ave. Parkway, Denver, CO

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