Photos: The Santa Fe artwalk brings out the summer weirdos

hula hoop chick.jpg
Moments before the hoop caught fire.
First Friday is ostensibly about looking at art, but everyone knows it's much more about free box wine and eyeballing the artsy weirdos that the monthly art-walk draws out -- and while the festivities of course continue throughout the winter, it's pretty tough to adequately get a freak on when you're swaddled in 37 layers of gortex and wool. But those dark days are over and summer's finally here, meaning the freaks got even freakier than usual out of sheer exuberance; photographer Brandon Marshall sojourned forth the the crazy parade on Friday to bring back these photos, and we try to guess what's going on in them.

But wait, there's more: See the full slide-show here!

We were initially pretty certain at the time that these two marionettists were a hallucination, but now that there's actual photo documentation of it, we realize that we should have been even more terrified than we were.

See the full slide-show here!

Shortly after the artists finished his mural, he drew a nose and smile on his forehead and it was hilarious.

It wasn't until later that Darren became aware that what he had been trying to do rips off was actually something from under the hood of his car. The bong was in the trunk.

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