Homes wanted: A last look at the Tails of the Painted Cats before the final bidding

"Georgia O'Kitty," Jane McFadden Dorsey.
The flock of seventeen artist-decorated fiberglass felines that are the core of the Cat Care Society's fundraiser Tails of the Painted Cats traveled far and wide in the preceding months, curling up in Santa Fe Drive galleries in April and at the Lakewood Arts Council Gallery in May. But now it's down to the kitty-gritty: On this coming Sunday, the five most popular cats will be auctioned live at the Tails of the Painted Cats gala, skedded from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Green Gables Country Club. The rest will be open for silent bidding, except for Jane McFadden Dorsey's beautiful poppy-strewn Georgia O'Kitty, which will be given away in a raffle (tix are $10 each). Here's a look at some of our favorites.

#1: Acousticat
Starting bid: $300
Artist: Jasmine Dillingham


#2: Ironsides
Current bid: $400
Artist: Claudia Roulier


#3: Mr. Tweedy Cat
Current bid: $300
Artist: Cam Williams


#4: Mo Meowsic
Current bid: $350
Artist: Pat Lickly


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