In honor of American: The Bill Hicks Story: The ten best Bill Hicks jokes (NSFW)

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Regardless of the fact Bill Hicks is often cited by current comics as one of their biggest inspirations, he was relatively unknown when he was alive, and even after dying in 1994 at the young age of 32, he remained overlooked by the public at large. To shed a bit of light on his comedy genius, the documentary film American: The Bill Hicks Story takes a look at what Hicks left behind, both through interviews and his life story. But what it's missing is a bunch of clips of his comedy, so we went ahead and tallied up ten of our favorites below.

10. Rush Limbaugh
Had Hicks lived long enough to witness Limbaugh's pain-killer addiction, we can only imagine what he could have come up with, but his image of Limbaugh in a tub getting shit on by Barbara Bush might be one of his most offensive and weird jokes out there.

9. Terminally Ill Stunt People
The basic premise of this one is pretty simple: if you're about to die from a terminal disease, you might as well go out with a bang and be in the movies. Makes sense to us. Grandma can finally get beat up by Chuck Norris.

8. Positive drug stories
This is one of the better examples of Hicks' meshing of comedy and philosophy -- it also tosses in his thoughts on drugs and the nature of reality to boot.

7. Childbirth
Hicks' take on the phrase "childbirth is a miracle" turns into a crazy rant on single mothers, children and parents in general. He even manages to segue no-smoking flights into a rant on children. Serious skills at work here.

6. Creationism
This one is great because it nails a few of Hicks' best one-liners in one bit. He tackles the updated Bible in modern English, wearing crosses, creationists, JFK and more. It's also a great example of how Hicks was one of the best at dovetailing his jokes together in a way that felt natural.

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He was a great guy and we miss him...and quote him every day

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