In honor of American: The Bill Hicks Story: The ten best Bill Hicks jokes (NSFW)

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5. Mandatory marijuana
Bill Hicks started as a pro-drug comedian and, after he quit doing drugs, he was still a pro-drug comedian. The rant above features a whole slew of his drug related material, but his idea of mandatory marijuana toward the end is one of our favorite ideas of his.

4. Reading
Back in the '80s, there was this fear that television would take over the world and everybody would stop reading. Now it's the Internet and Hicks' attempting to answer the question of "why are you reading?" is just as relevant.

3. On Jay Leno
This is another one we'd like to have seen updated if Hicks were alive today. It's nice to know that Leno was viewed as a dumbass long before the whole Conan O'Brien thing -- and it was perhaps the Doritos commercial that sparked his whole downfall.

2. Gays in the military
It's strange that after all these years, gays in the military are still a topic for comedians to riff on. There has been little variation on the themes Hick's presents here, namely, "if you're dumb enough to join the military, you should be allowed to join."

1. It's just a ride
What made Bill Hicks different from other comics was his mixture of philosophy and comedy. Case in point, he would often end his set with what was eventually dubbed, "It's just a ride," a non-joke that tried to sum up why we're on this planet in a short two minute sketch.

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He was a great guy and we miss him...and quote him every day

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