Tim Tebow's top ten commandments for living a holy life

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Calling all office joes and fraternity bros -- don't have time to read Tim Tebow's new book, Through My Eyes, but still want to live your life as righteously as possible? Do what Tebow does: follow the Mile-High Messiah's Ten Commandments for Living a Holy Life, as helpfully assembled by Westword. And yes, folks, each quote below is taken, word for word, from Through My Eyes -- and if Through My Eyes is endorsed by people like Darius Rucker (of Hootie and the Blowfish) and Chuck Norris (of Chuck Norris), you can't go wrong by living your life in accordance with the Mile-High Messiah's guidelines. Now, go forth and score that touchdown!

10. Thou shalt love thy children by honouring thy Lord.
"That's a great blessing to give a child. To remind them, pray for them, and assure them that God has a great plan -- in His terms and for His purposes -- for their lives."

9. Thou shalt love thyself and thy disabilities.
"Dyslexia wasn't a disability, just a difference...we [are] wonderful creations of God, with our God-given intelligence and abilities. "

8. Thou shalt understand that hard work is thy Lord's due diligence.
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard...I'm sure that God made me in such a way that I was willing to work hard, but there was certainly a lot of parental encouragement and nurturing as well.

7. Thou shalt love thy Lord with all thy heart, and all they soul, and all thy Monday nights.
"The most important thing that has occurred in my life happened in those early years. When I was six, I knew I was ready to accept Jesus into my heart, to accept what He had done for me to allow me to go to heaven.

6. Thou shalt not take thy Lord's name in vain, especially when discussing athletic performance.
"After everyone else had gone, I asked why he was not running any harder. To my surprise, he used God in his explanation. He said, 'God told me this morning to stay back and run with this guy because I needed to encourage him'...I told him that he was being extremely lazy and inappropriately using God as an excuse."

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