Gratuitous randomness: War face!

09 war face.jpg
Summer doesn't become official until the solstice later this month, but that shit is for hippies: it's June and after Memorial Day, and for all intents and purposes that means it's summer. And while summer is a time for lazy rivers and wasting away in gin-and-tonicville or whatever, it's also a time for action, as exemplified by various superheroes kicking ass and Harrison Ford battling either cowboys or aliens or both. Therefore, because it's summer -- and also because it's Wednesday, the day that we bring you the best of our weird internets world in a random compendium of images loosely related to whatever topic we happen to come up with -- it's time to put your fucking war face on. Here are nine possible inspirations.

02 war face.jpg

05 war face.jpg

00 war face.jpg

08 war face.jpg

06 war face.jpg

07 war face.jpg

11 war face.jpg

10 war face.jpg

03 war face.jpg
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