Adventures in weird business combos: Coin op laundry and payday loan

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Every so often, usually in more (ahem) modestly incomed neighborhoods, you see them: businesses who offer weird and somewhat dubious combinations of services (my personal favorite of yore: The Quik Stop & Bail Bonds that used to be on South Federal). In an effort to highlight the brave practitioners of these frontiers of retail operation, we're launching a series devoted to them, starting with this combo at Colfax and Quebec that offers both a laundromat and payday loans -- effectively guaranteeing you will never run out of laundry quarters.

Know of a weird combo business? Snap a picture and send it to us!

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Not so honestly you are talking about this topic. You have not brought the problems of people that Payday Loans solving these days when nobody comes to lend them money. There are some great sites out there working hard to help people live up to their standards of life. is one of them.

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quick loan

Payday loan  is definitely a very efficient and efficient way of conference the surprising scenario which requirements for cash especially when the sun is still to increase on the payday advance. But, one certainly needs to be cautious as it is globally known that out there, there are people who deliberately want to lay their arms on client details which can be later used for many requirements telephone selling being at one of them.

Speed Star
Speed Star

I've seen weirder combinations, but that definitely isn't a normal business setup. Or rather, we can say it's pretty innovative. You can leave your clothes in the washing machine while applying for a payday loan.

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