Review: Dave Foley on Palin, marriage and his penis at Comedy Works

Dave Foley
Dave Foley is not gay. "Some people get mad if I say that I'm not gay. They think it's homophobic," the comic said. "If I sleep with a woman, well, that's just a hate crime. Some people thought we were all gay on the Kids in the Hall because we did gay stuff... ok we didn't do gay 'stuff,' we did gay material."

When Foley walked on stage Friday night at Comedy Works in Larimer Square, he was very excited to hear the applause when he was being introduced and Kids in the Hall was mentioned. "I was really glad to hear that people weren't just here to see the stand up of the guy who voiced Flick in A Bug's Life... that would have been very different."

Who knows what the people in the front row were told about their evening when they received their tickets to Foley's show, but clearly, they weren't aware of Foley's liberal opinions. They weren't really noticeable until the Canadian rolled into his schtick about Sarah Palin (hates her but would sleep with her and feel bad about it) and Michele Bachmann (Marcus Bachmann = gay sponge?), they were clearly squirming in their seats. Unfortunately for them, they had to decide between sitting there and listening to the jokes or getting up and possibly getting heckled on the way out. Fortunately for us, they decided to stay. Foley knew they were uncomfortable -- then he dove into the Jesus jokes. Is it wrong to be entertained by other people's discomfort? Sure. Does it happen anyway? Of course it does!

These audience members, as well as those who were thoroughly enjoying the routine, were part of the entertainment last night. His routine started with the penis jokes (his is long and curved) and moved through pubic hair (no one has it anymore and he misses it) to his ex-wife of eleven years (a "bad" marriage that cost him a chance with then nineteen-year-old Uma Thurman and has pretty much exiled him from Canada due to alimony.) That's almost enough to make anyone cry, but it kept the crowd rolling nonetheless.

He also came to terms on stage with a very personal confession. He is smart. Clearly, his routine showcased that. Although he had moments of focusing on the negative things in his life (which is still always funny), he brought up topics like the recent findings at CERN, politics and studies in China. He pulls from the world, and he knows what he is talking about. He is smart and he is quick, and he refuses to be dumbed-down.

Dave Foley still has it. He is amazing and sharp and can work with anything you throw at him. He announced that he will be starting a show in the fall for CBS, which only made the Foley fans cheer louder. He said, "Hopefully I will be able to pay my $20,000 ticket to get back into Canada." Fans can only wish the best for him and his troubles and hope that things get better for the great comic.

What did the couple in the front row think? Who knows. They got up as soon as he was done -- then Foley started to follow them out. I don't know what he said to them as he but it probably wasn't "I love Sarah Palin."

Dave Foley will be playing three more shows tonight at Comedy Works in Larimer Square. Tickets and more information can be found at

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Michael K.
Michael K.

Great review. I hope I get a chance to see him live some time.


Palin-bashing?? I can't believe Jenn Wolowitz didn't review this!!


Great review! You cannot go wrong with dick jokes. They work for me every single day.

@ GFTW:Bless your loyal wishes, Sir, but it's enough to know that her movie is circling the drain at the theaters, on the fast track to pay-per-view, and should have been a Lifetime channel made-for-TV movie instead. Maybe with that chick from Little House on the Prairie. She could probably use the work, and Linda Carter is still way too cool to play Palin in anything.

You totally botched my last name, but I found it endearing (it's actually Wohletz). My 6th grade homeroom teacher used to call me Jennifer "Whore-litz," and Iam still not entirely convinced that she wasn't doing it on purpose.


So it bombed like Mikey Moore's latest movie, Air America, and any number of other liberal ventures that aren't subsidized?

My bad, I thought you were married to Harold Wolowitz. Thanks for the new nickname!!

Julie Maas
Julie Maas

Thanks to all for reading! Jennifer, I looked up that name and it clearly wasn't a writer or person with a sense of humor at all so I'm glad you cleared it up. I wanted to write so much more. Clearly he said a lot more that should be shared but unfortunately for my friends and family, they get to hear the crass jokes in person instead of just reading it here. Dave Foley rules. What an amazing show.  

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