10 things to do for $10 this weekend, July 29-31, 2011

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Rent is due on Monday, which means unless you're some type of money-saving wizard, you're probably a little short on cash this week. Don't worry, though: There is a ton of stuff to do this weekend for under ten bucks, including the Denver County Fair, which all on its own can take up your entire weekend. But if you're not into eating contests and fried foods, we've still got plenty to choose from.

Grawlix at the Avenue Theater (Friday, $7)
Every month we tell you that you should go to Grawlix, and every month you nod your head and briefly consider doing so, but instead you just fall asleep on the couch with your hand on the remote. This week, though, you'll make it there, because it's one of Denver's best comedy shows, with stand-up, short videos, sketches and plenty more to keep you entertained from 10:30 p.m. til midnight.

A Midsummer Night's Travesty Comedy Film Fest at 3 Kings Tavern (Friday, $8)
If you ask us, the biggest problem with comedy films right now is they're too damn long. Who thinks it's a good idea for a comedy to be two hours? If you're with us on this, you'll appreciate the film festival going down at 3 Kings tonight, where it's all about short films. No epic bromances, twisted plot lines or continual remakes of a film about two friends deciding to have sex.

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Repro Redux at Sputnik (Friday, free)
This is your last chance to check out Joseph Findiess' massive spray-painted works at Sputnik. They're reimaginings of classic images and sayings, but most importantly, they're gigantic and look fantastic on the wall.

Steampunk: Mechanical Science Meets Victorian Romance at TACtile Textile Arts Center (Friday, free)
The steampunk show at TACtile only has about a week left of its display, so if you haven't made it down there yet, you should do so with haste. It's essentially all about remaking Victorian-era textures in a way that's more steampunk-like, which we can only assume means adding more bronze and topping it off with some goggles.

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